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End-to-end services for effective business development

Norse Consulting is a "one stop shop" for business development. We provide assistance at every stage, whether it is consulting services, acting on your behalf for e.g. a pre-determined period, providing external expertise etc.


We help you with the whole spectrum of business development services – not just the classical ones of identifying and qualifying prospects, contacting these and aiming for a contract. Our holistic perspective is the differentiating factor that leads to success.


Which elements of our services you ultimately avail yourself of, comes down to your needs. Not sure what might be in your best interest? Contact us, and we'll provide you with assistance. We provide the full range of:


  • Consulting services
  • Insourcing
  • Outsourcing
  • Recruitment, coaching and resource screening
  • Interim management
  • Board level support


Being a Norwegian company, we naturally focus on helping companies develop business in Norway – or helping Norwegian companies expand abroad. But there is more to it than that. With our vast international experience from multiple industries, we are also eminently placed to provide such assistance in all Scandinavian countries, northern Europe and all Anglo-Saxon countries.

Below are some of the elements we address as part of our consulting services to ensure real business development success:


  • Assess your position and readiness before launching a new product or deciding on entering a new market
  • Help you structure and write responses to bids
  • Identify and qualify opportunities (also tenders in the public domain)
  • Develop and help you execute your strategies
  • Assess or help you develop your business plan and associated financials
  • Assess your work processes
  • Assess resources – and possibly provide access to lower-cost companies and resources
  • Ensure your message to the market is clear and concise
  • Help you write or rework your sales collateral
  • Make specific recommendations in all areas where we have found weaknesses that may threaten your chances of success
  • Ensure all your written material, e.g. sales collateral or bid documents, is done in professional, native-language business English or Norwegian, that effective wording is used


In other words – we provide all the little things and big things that can make a big difference to the success of your business. And to maximize the value creation and the chances of success, we work very closely with our strategic partners.


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