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Business Development that truly develops your business

To most people, Business Development means selling. Finding ways of selling new products or services to existing markets, or finding ways to sell existing products or services to new markets.


To Norse Consulting it means everything that develops your business such that it becomes more profitable, more cost effective, more successful, more predictable, more agile and able to prosper in ever-changing environments. Looking at it only from a pure sales perspective limits the probability of success.

We help companies take their business to Norway, develop their existing business in Norway, or help Norway-based companies take their business abroad. And we successfully do this by addressing all the components of the business development, not just part of it, through the services we offer.


We are also cognizant of the fact that in a domain as vast as business development, it is unrealistic to expect all expertise to reside in one place. For this reason we have carefully chosen strategic partners who provide deep knowledge in their respective fields.


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